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Little Misty is an indie folk band founded in Montreal, Quebec and led by Kathryn Samman (vocals) and Francois Jalbert (guitar). Although firmly grounded in folk music, their repertoire mixes indie rock with more broad compositions.  From cinematic landscapes to wailing guitar solos, the group explores a full range of musical possibilities, always searching for innovative ways to serve their storytelling. 


They surrounded themselves with some of the finest musicians in town, including Tommy Gauthier on violin, Cédric Dind-Lavoie on bass and Mark Nelson on drums. After releasing their first eponymous record in 2020, the five-piece band surprisingly managed to tour between the waves, and write and produce a second album, Nowhere Land, which is set to be released in April 2023. 



"An eclectic musical trip likely to ruffle as many feathers amongst the folk intelligentsia as draw in new fans. The nine tracks boast a bold smattering of jazz, folk, bluegrass and prog rock elements, but the identity crisis behind the musical arrangements is an integral part of Little Misty's charm.." 


"This debut album from Little Misty is an unpredictable journey all the way through. It’s one of those records that establishes such a vivid aesthetic and atmosphere that it feels like you’re listening to a film score for a movie that doesn’t yet exist."

                                                                  -Canadian Beats

"Everything that surrounds the new group is of a delicacy and elegance that borders on perfection... Definitely, all the ingredients are there to make the Little Misty trip the most awaited, and surely the most successful, of this month of February. »                                         

                                                             -Indie Music France

“A balanced and delicate album, which therefore manages to destabilize us at times, but above all, which impresses with the precision of the execution and the universes they create from one piece to another. »

                                                                        - Ici Musique


Folk Alliance International | Official Showcase Artist (2023)
Tour across Quebec | 20 shows (2022-2023)
Réseau Centre | Official Showcase Artist (2022)
Folk Alliance International | Official Showcase Artist (2021)
Vue sur la relève | Recipient of 3 awards (2021)




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