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"A stunning example of storytelling in music, a testament to music’s power to convey various feelings, from empathy to inspiration to compassion." 

Canadian Beats

Montreal progressive folk band, Little Misty, have released their sophomore album titled Nowhere Land.

Although orbiting around folk music, Little Misty’s sophomore album is a collection of very contrasting short stories, representing a hell of a rollercoaster ride through Nowhere Land. As the story goes, Kathryn Samman and François Jalbert found themselves writing a lot of music during the pandemic. More often than not working almost entirely remotely, the pair ironed out the blueprints of the arrangements by themselves, producing very detailed demos, writing and recording all the parts until it was safe to come together to record. “The repertoire took a more surreal path,” they explained, “as we felt like we needed to express whatever we were going through at that moment in time, without any aesthetic limitation whatsoever.” From going several months between being able to get together, to finally finding time to record in-studio, Little Misty is now a year out from recording and ecstatic to be releasing these short stories to the world. They surrounded themselves with some of the finest musicians in town, including Tommy Gauthier on violin, Cédric Dind-Lavoie on bass and Mark Nelson on drums, setting the stage at Mixart Studios in Montreal for the recording. 


Little Misty is an indie-folk band founded in Montreal, Quebec and led by Kathryn Samman (vocals) and François Jalbert (guitar). Although firmly grounded in folk music, their repertoire mixes indie-rock with more broad compositions. From cinematic landscapes to wailing guitar solos, the group explores a full range of musical possibilities, always searching for innovative ways to serve their story telling.

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